We always offer creative thinking and successful strategies that yield results. These services have provided our clients with sound financial advice that has helped them achieve their dreams.  We have brought our creative thinking and strategies to many industries and economic sectors. We regularly help individuals, businesses, nonprofits and others succeed. We help our clients, and also, those of other qualified professionals, by developing and implementing creative plans that arise from the synergistic efforts of a dream team.
NONPROFIT (education)
Saves hundreds of thousands of dollars of UBIT


  • Unrelated Business Taxable Income (UBTI) – Nonprofit saved, and continues to annually save, hundreds of thousands of dollars of Unrelated Business Income Tax (UBIT) based on our tax research and memorandum, after a top-shelf law firm advised the nonprofit that its online advertising activities were subject to UBIT – The law firm reversed its opinion upon receipt of our tax memorandum.

Saves hundreds of thousands of dollars of PHC tax


  • Personal Holding Company (PHC) Tax – Thrift and Loan saved, and continues to annually save, hundreds of thousands of dollars of PHC tax based on our tax research (including discovery of a case that was not referenced in the top 3 tax services), after a top-shelf law firm advised the Thrift and Loan that its income was subject to the PHC tax – The law firm reversed its opinion upon receipt of our input regarding the applicability of the located case.

Receives millions in federal funding to protect identity online
  • National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace (NSTIC) – Technology firm received funding via a United States federal initiative to improve the privacy, security and convenience of sensitive online transactions through collaborative efforts with the private sector, advocacy groups, government agencies, and other organizations. We were instrumental in helping the firm obtain more than $3,000,000 of funding that is working to protect kids online.

NONPROFIT (science)
Receives 25% more funds based on creative thinking
  • Grant Funding – Nonprofit got an additional 25% funding, when we made the argument that “in-kind” expenses should be considered in the funding computation in the same way cash expenses were being considered. The rules and regulations did not differentiate between “in-kind” or cash.  The senior staff of the government funding source never heard any other applicant (or adviser) make this argument, but they agreed with it.

Saves millions and receives thousands
  • Tax Representation and Litigation Support – Clients in adult businesses regularly face a variety of business, legal, accounting and tax issues. One such client sought our help upon his receipt of assessments totaling more than $2,000,000 of income tax, interest and penalties. There were 24 issues to resolve. After retaining us, we were able to get (1) all assessments waived, (2) a malpractice claim paid and (3) a new $400,000 tax deduction allowed.

Receive thousands in volunteer time and financial support
  • Time and MoneyThe firm's Owner has contributed during his life thousands of personal volunteer hours and dollars. He has been recognized by the State of Israel and many nonprofits, including the accounting profession. His general attitude regarding philanthropy is it should serve the needs of those less fortunate, consistent with the "Golden Rule" and "Do Unto Others."  

Receives maximum monthly benefit and retroactive award
  • Representation and Claim Development – A world War II veteran approached the Veterans Administration for help developing a claim for an increased monthly benefit and retroactive compensation.  The assistance he received did not include in-depth questioning and creative claim development.  We claimed "unemployability" for the veteran and successfully prosecuted this claim for him, even though the VA employees said this type of claim is rarely awarded.

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